Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to monitor and manage Apache Qpid C++ broker

In this blog post I am describing how to setup the Qpid C++ broker monitoring. First I have to say you that to do this you need to checkout the complete qpid source code which include Java/python/C++ etc. After successfully checking out make sure you have installed python in your machine.

Go to python directory and run the build command for python like this

python setup.py build

Go to command directory inside python directory and set the environment variable PYTHONPATH to the python directory (not to command directory).

Inside the command directory you can see set of python scripts which you can used to manage running Apache Qpid C++ broker.

Successfully doing all of these you can try running all the scripts with --help option and see all the possible options. With these scripts I have done Qpid monitoring and queue create/deleting topic creation/deletion like operation and i will be writing more about these things in few more blog posts.


Anonymous said...


I am a newbie to qpid and i just completed HA with qpid, Can you suggest which all ways a broker can fail..bcz when i start sending message some times any one broker in the cluster unexpectedly shut down.. it will not give any log or error message.... does it has some limitations... Can you suggest any debugging methods...

lahiru said...

Please subscribe to qpid users list and ask from there, you will always get better answers.