Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Today's Sunday School Lesson

I thought of blogging about some stuff which I'm thinking deeply and which motivate me to think more and more. I hope this will be very useful for all the people, no matter what your religion what your nationality or whatever.. since you are a human being.

My Sunday school lesson was thrilakshana which is a Sinhalese term and I'm really sorry that I don't know the english term of that. It is capable of describing the whole Buddhism using three words.

1. Anithya ( inconsistency )
2. Dukkha ( Sadness but not sure about the exact term)
3. Anathma - ()

In buddhism it describe that all the constructs in this world have the previous charactoristics which we never think about that. For me I used to think of it time to time and I feels pretty good when I start on think in that way but unfortunately my mind is changing time to time according to the environment I used to live. From now I'm going to describe each term one by one.

First the Anithya which imply the inconsistency. It tells that all the constructs in simpler way all the thing in this world used to get change during the life time of that. First it creates due to certain facts and it last for sometime with whole bunch of changes and it ends. This is an obvious thing everybody can understand but the important fact is that we never think about the goods we are using day to day. We try to think that goods belongs to us more and more but the truth is everything is gonna change according to natural low and nobody is capable of changing that nature but we keep on trying that. As an example we used to do lot of thing to maintain our figure and show that we are not getting older.... Are we capable of stop getting mature.. Nobody can do that.. So the best thing is to understand the reality of changing nature of the world including ourselfs. Our thoughts used to change in a very rapid manner so the best way to deal with those inconsistency is to understand the truth and deal with them. That's what I understood from the meaning of Anithya... or inconsistency.

Next term is Dukkha, it is not all about sadness nrmal meaning of dukkha in Sinhalese is sadness but in here it describe the unimportant nature of the surrounding of our environment. Since everything in our environment used to obey it's own rule and since we cannot change it according to our requirment we should consider them as unimportant or nonvaluable things. This exactly does't imply that we shouldn't neglect everything around us but this tells us not to stick in to goods in an extreme manner. We should keep on dealing with everything while keep in mind about the real nature of the things.

Anathma term is not much clear for me but as far as I undestand it's all about again we do not belong anything in this world including our selves because they use their own rules so can we consider my car is exactly as my car... Can we consider my computer exactly as mine since it break whenever it wants to be and one day it won't work.... Think little bit can we tell those thingbs belong to me.... Same fact apply to ourselves... we get sick.. we recover.. we die.... it uses it's own rules we cannot control our body so can we control outside stuff.. never...

This is all about my idea of Thrilakshan.... If you got any comments please feel free to comment which will help to someone....