Thursday, December 30, 2010

My stay at Dhamma Kuta for 11 days

I thought of writing a blog post what I have done during my year end vacation which is the best few days i have spend in my life. I am writing this post not to share an intellectual property, but if at least one person get benefit from this it will be the best thing for me. I will be keep on updating more information time to time so this post will be changed in coming days.I have applied the Vipassana 10 day meditation course (if you are a Sri Lankan when you hear this words meditation course you might get bored, but they simply use this in the western pattern so that western people will also understand things , just forget about the word...) in May and hopefully I was able to start it on 18th of December to 29th of December at Dhamma Kuta which is one of the Vipassana meditation center in Sri Lanka. For more information about the courses you can follow up them from their website[1], course schedules and how the things are rules etc. I will be posting something which does not exist in the web site.

My experience

When it comes to the experience best part will be what I have gain from doing Vipassana meditation, but it's not the correct time for this, I am continuing meditation at home and I will be posting on it in future, this part will be about my experience during the 10 days. I had a very strange, interesting and peaceful feeling during my stay at Dhamma Kuta which I haven't got in my life before. It was a very simple ten days I spend. Students are not suppose to talk to anybody (if you need something you simply have to talk to Dhamma helpers and you can talk to the teacher few word) and I consider that as one of the best experience. You will be given a simply cell which contains a bed, cloth rack and a small table. So whole few days were spend alone, simple food, and keep on meditating for more than 10 hours per day (don't get scared this can be done and thousands and thousands of people are attending these courses all over the world). So it was peaceful calm and quite 10 days in my life. But since it was away from the home and I was alone I felt like running away back home on the second day but hopefully I was strong enough to stay with a good determination.

What you should bring

I think this part will be useful if you are going for the first time, if you are a foreigner who is going to travel to Sri Lanka to attend to this course this part will be useful. This list is if you are going to Dhamma Kuta, but there will be slight changes if you are going to one of the other two centers in Sri Lanka. If you bring everything you want you will hardly speak to the management so you can keep the noble silence very effectively.
  • You need to bring cloths which is enough to survive 10 days and I would say simple easy to wear cloths would be fine. Since this part of the country is pretty cold you need to bring some other stuff which protect you from the cold environment. But the management is providing blankets for you, if it's difficult to bring blankets, still you will be good.
  • Slippers, bed sheet, pillow cover, torch will be very helpful.
  • Soap, brush, tooth paste etc.
  • I will update the list time to time when things get remind me.
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Unknown said...

great Machan
Really proud of you
Wish you all the est with your work and the Hobby

Joshua Smith said...
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sawani said...

Hey,think u v dne a great preparng my self 2 go there.u r blog s soo meanful 2 me.thanx bro..

lahiru said...


Good luck to you ! I hope you'll have a good time, stay calm and try your best !