Thursday, May 8, 2008

Extract JMX information from a remote MBean server

I was able to write a code which is capable of extract all the MBeans with a given domain and print all the attribute value and attribute names of each and every MBean.
Here's my code...

If you want to extract all the MBeans which are registered with the connected Server you can simply pass two null value to the method queryNames method.

Monday, May 5, 2008

HP 520 Laptop with Ubuntu

I bought an HP 520 Laptop from Sri Lanka which is worth 800USD. And I wanted to install Ubuntu 7.10 on my new machine and I was bit of suspicious whether it supports for all the harware in my machine. After successful installation of Ubuntu 7.10 I was able to review that It supports for Intel Pro wireless device but unfortunately It doesn't support for sound card.So I decide to swich in to Latest Ubuntu release 8.04 which was release before one week and it works fine for my HP 520 Laptop. But honestly I have certain problems with the OS in my machine.
1. When I hibernate it hibernates and when I start my machine in next time It works fine for few minutes and it get stuck...

2.After working for three or four hours my machine is becoming quite slow and there's no issue with the memory usage and processor usage. Yesterday night I was working on Idea with opening two Idea windows and slow down happened all of a sudden and I was able to find my swap usage became 100% so it's obvious to slow down my machine.

I'm not sure about the problem this might be a problem with my hardware or may be a problem with the OS.I feel like switching for Debian but I love Ubuntu..

If any body knows any solution please leave a comment...