Friday, November 19, 2010

"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: and" error when Qpid start on Windows

I recently got this error (CDNF Exception, instead of the class name it display the text "and" as the class name ) when I try to start Apache Qpid using qpid-sever.bat script. This is a weired error because I noticed WSO2 products were starting nicely on my Windows installation and later I found that this happens if you have a directory with space in your path to QPID_HOME. This is simply something to do with the qpid-server.bat script and I hope to look in to the issue soon I get time.

So if anyone get this error when you start Qpid on windows simply fix the path by moving it to C:\ or somewhere you don't get a directory with space in it in QPID_HOME.

Dr Ruwan Ekanayaka best Doctor ever seen

I used to go to channel my fathers cardialogy physician (I am not sure about the designation but I guess this is enough) Dr Ruwan Ekanayaka. When I go there we have to stay in that place more than three hours and normally what I am doing is keep looking the way people come and go in that hospital. Very interesting thing I noticed is when people coming out of the doctors room, I would say almost all the patients are having very pleasant smile in their faces. This is actually not something very common with all the doctors.
When you go inside, you'll see very polite, very simple looking (wearing huge old spectacles) old doctor who used to speak in a very low voice. It's not the polite and pleasant words you'll get when you go to some business place, it's something more than that. Today when he asked about some document father started searching the document in an excited mode. Dr said "Kalabala wenna epa .. wadiwenna", it's like "calm down and please sit down". Then he searched the document from fathers file and did the rest of the work.

Finally when the checkup is finished, he looked up and gave a nice smile to me and my father and asked to come after six months. I strongly believe that awesome smile make people to smile when they are coming out of the doctors room. It simply capable of making unaware of all the difficulties we go through during channeling process by staying at the hospital for more than three hours. I consider this person as a very special doctor when I compare with typical consultants in Sri Lanka. It was a very pleasant feeling you get when meet him with the patient. I think my capability of writing is not good enough to describe Dr Ruwan Ekanayaka's awesomeness !

Thank You Doctor !