Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birth and Death

The best practice is to ask this question in the morning/evening and tonight.
Why did I born ?
Birth and death is almost a single thing and obviously there's no existence of one thing without the other one so we can consider both together. People used to cry so much when someone die but it's a joke to cry when someone die because we all know when someone born they'll die so the best time to cry is when someone born. Are we in a position to understand this ?
Can we live in a closed room for few hours continuously without doing anything? It's would be a very ugly experience for us but how do we feel when we stay in our mom's body for more than 9 months ? But still we want to have another birth .. We were born to stop another birth and the answer for the question "Why did I born? Stop another birth."
Translated from "Ajan cha natha"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Upcomming multitenant version of WSO2 Governance Registry

We are working on making WSO2 Governance Registry Multi tenant so that users can use it more convenient way rather setting it up in their own environment and configure it. Now we can have a single instance running of WSO2 Governance Registry and allow so many organizations to use that instance by completely separating data between those organizations. Each Organization is having their own tenant and set of users for each tenant and all the data between users and between tenant are successfully separated in database level.

We are almost done with new big feature with our Governance Registry and we are about to host it in an Amazon Cloud so that all the users can easily access it create your own tenant and add users to it and all the users can login by giving tenant domain name and user-id.

Please wait until we host it during upcoming week !

Get the dynamic UI for service adding in WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0.1

If you are using WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0.0 you can see that we are allowing users to create their services as resources by giving different kinds of information about the resource. If you go through the context sensitive documentation by clicking on the help button when you go the add service UI you'll get to know that you can configure the given UI by giving different values for the already provided UI by changing some XML files located int /governance/configurations directory.

Now we are allowing users to create their own fields in to govenance registry Service UI form so that you can have your own data in to service resources. This is a completely dynamic UI generation based on an XML. You just have to change an xml in the registry and change your Service UI dynamically. If you want to get this feature in you can do that by switching in to upcoming release of WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0.1 and download the patch here[1] and go through the readme on how to apply the patch to registry.