Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birth and Death

The best practice is to ask this question in the morning/evening and tonight.
Why did I born ?
Birth and death is almost a single thing and obviously there's no existence of one thing without the other one so we can consider both together. People used to cry so much when someone die but it's a joke to cry when someone die because we all know when someone born they'll die so the best time to cry is when someone born. Are we in a position to understand this ?
Can we live in a closed room for few hours continuously without doing anything? It's would be a very ugly experience for us but how do we feel when we stay in our mom's body for more than 9 months ? But still we want to have another birth .. We were born to stop another birth and the answer for the question "Why did I born? Stop another birth."
Translated from "Ajan cha natha"


Asanka Abeysinghe said...

We all know the truth, and easiest way to stop re-birth is born as a human and go on that path, but we just ignore it and stick to the fake of the life because it is easy.

lahiru said...

Yeah true, but things will be worst next time ! So have to be little wise, if not there's no difference between other animals and us.