Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's good that I came home last night

I decided to come home on Wednesday and work from home on Thursday and Friday because my father is not good these days due to his kidney failure and dubieties and when I was coming it's around 12 PM. My mom used to sleep with our grand mother's place so father is sleeping alone at home. So when I came and knock the door I heard he's telling something so I thought he's coming to open the door, but after staying few minutes I realize something wrong and he couldn't come due to some reason so I went from back door (since I know how to open it from outside) and I saw that he was trying to come but couldn't because his blood sugar level was very low. He was trying to reach to the glucose packs which is few meters away from the bed.
Fortunately once I gave glucose and water after sometime he came to normal...Unless I'm not there things would be bad.

It's good that I came home last night.


Anonymous said...
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Ashish said...

My best wishes, hope your father recover very soon. Many a times things happen for good and your coming home is an example. I believe, we have this responsibility towards our parents to take care of them in the hour of need.

Take care and wish you a good luck !