Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Governance Registry Service Metadata

WSO2 Governance Registry is providing complete Service Metadata Management features with Release 3.0.0 to do a better governance in your SOA system. In the new left panel there are set of operations supported in order to manage service metadata efficiently.

We are providing two main operations to manage service metadata in order to do a better governance in users SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) system.

  • Importing required Service metadata as Registry resource
  • Managing imported Registry Resources
  • Users can add it's service details in different ways like importing complete set of service details, importing WSDL of set of services in the SOA system, importing Schema's or Policies of set of services in the SOA system. Importing service details can be done using the upper part of the metadata menu which contains the links Add->Service, Add-Policy, Add->WSDL, Add->Schema.

    Add Service

    This service import method is preferred when user doesn't have a proper description about the service with a WSDL but we provide a field to import WSDL in to Governance Registry. When user click on Add Service link user will be given a form to fill. Important thing in this form is user can simply reconfigure the default configuration.

    Configuring "Add Service" UI

    User can configure the set of drop down lists which suit to users SOA system. This can be done by changing the current configuration by editing the content of set of resources in /governance/configuration/. There are set of resources as displayed in Figure 3 which you can browse and edit the XML content of the resource.

    Ex: Default configuration have drop down list for Service states with the fields of Created Tested Deployed and Deprecated. If user wants to add a new Service in to this drop down list you have to add a new XML element like this in to the XML content of the resource /governance/configuration/states

    After adding new XML element save the content and to find the change, go to add service UI and see the states drop down. Likewise users can configure all the drop downs in the add service UI.Likewise users can configure all the drop downs in the add service UI.

    In Add Service UI there are set of fields to fill and service name and service Namespace are mandatory. Most of the fields are obvious service informations and if you want to add a WSDL URL you can add it but the information from the WSDL will not be display when you go to edit these information. So we prefer you to use add->WSDL if you have a WSDL in the given resource. And you can add any number of endpoints to the given service by clicking add endpoint link and if user try to add more and more endpoints without filling previously added endpoint new endpoint will not be displayed.

    After successfully adding a new Service user will be directed to newly added resource location which constructed based on the service Namespace which user shouldn't concern about. After direction user can see a resource with the given service name and if user give already exist service name service import operation will fail.

    Add Policy

    User can add Policy by traversing to the add Policy link. This form contains fields, policy URL and policy name. Governance Registry will automatically suggest a name for the policy once the URL is entered. Policy will be imported as a resource in to the Governance Registry. Successful import will redirect in to a page which list all the imported policies.

    Add WSDL

    If a WSDL URL is available and you need to import service information to the Governance Registry you can use the "Add WSDL" option provided with the Governance Registry. Once the URL is provided to the UI, a name is automatically suggested for the resource in Governance Registry. When we import the given WSDL we are extracting certain number of details like service name, service namespaces and service endpoints and import the given WSDL as a resource and import a service resource which is very similar to the resource we are creating when user add a service using add service UI. So user can go to that resource and edit the rest of the information user couldn't import through WSDL import operation, like Authentication Platform, Authentication Mechanism etc.

    Add Schema

    Like WSDL importing Governance Registry allow users to add Schema in to registry using add Schema UI. User have to give the schema location in to Schema URL and Schema name will be filling very similar in Add WSDL and Add Policy forms. Successful schema import will redirect in to currently available imported schema listing page.


    Similar to WSDLs, WSO2 Governance Registry performs Schema validations on the wsdl provided once importing is done. The result is displayed under "properties" section of the imported Schema resource.

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