Monday, May 11, 2009

Configuring Airtel HSDPA on Ubuntu

Today I bought an Airtel Data bundle and tried to configure it on my Ubuntu 9.04.I have been accessing internet through my Mobitel connection for sometime and I thought it would be easy to configure it to Airtel.Yes it was easy but I had to do couple of things since the debian package did not had Airtel information in Sri Lankan service providers list. If you are a user willing to configure your Airtel HSDPA(Sri Lankan) connection on Ubuntu with your mobile this blog is for you.

1.In the current mobile-broadband package which ships with Ubuntu 9.04 doesn't contain Airtel as service provider for Sri Lanka.So you have to get the latest update of the package. In order to do that,install subversion on your machine and get and svn check out from here :

2.Copy serviceprovider.xml and serviceprovider.dtd file in to /usr/share/mobile-broadband-provider-info/

3. You can see a computer at the panel which show the status of the network, right click it and select edit-Connections and select Mobile-Broadband tab.

4. If you have already define one connectioin please remove it and add a new one. After copying that new file it will show you Airtel as a Sri Lankan Service Provider during the wizard.

5. According to configuration now this should connect to the internet through Airtel Access point. But Unfortunately it didn't connect for me. The Access point on the latest trunk of the package is wrong and you have to double click on the newly added connection to reconfigure it and select the Access Point to

AirtelLive (No Spelling mistakes and I'm don't have time to test the case sensitivity, just copy and paste this)

6. Now you are done. Now when you click the icon which show the network status with a computer icon you can see the Airtel to select and click on it will connect to the internet if you have enough signal....:-)

For me it work fine since I'm in galle right now and hopefully it'll work fine in Dehiwelle... (I used to stay there during week days)


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nice one

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