Friday, April 24, 2009

Web Services API for WSO2 Registry

With WSO2 Registry we have a REST API which users can use to implement their own features for the registry based on our Atom Publishing Protocol Client (RemoteRegisty instance). Currently most of the User interfaces are implemented based on Web Services and we are calling most of the REST API methods inside those web services but we did not offer a complete web services API for our clients even though we have used web services method which are scattered among various User Interface bundles in OSGi Environment of our platform.I was able to do this implementation which is identical to our REST API and users can implement their own web services using our WS-API. We are in the process of testing those API calls through web services and if anybody is going play new WS-API please be kind enough to report any issue when you are dealing at runtime. If you are willing to use our WS-API you can alway have a look in to our carbon components repository and have to build the registry module to use the WS API.

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