Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Job Experience at WSO2 Inc

I was able to get an offer from one of the leading open source software company in Sri Lanka as well as in the world. Even with the recession getting an offer from company is a big deal for a fresh graduate. I got my first offer from WSO2 Inc which is almost developing complete SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) platform.Most of the development works are done in Sri Lankan office though we have offices in US and UK. We have basically two streams of products with Java and Scripting-C products. Main Java product is WSO2 Carbon which is a complete SOA platform with lot of bundles integrated all together using OSGi to give a collection of implementations to have a single platfor for SOA. During these days I'm trying to catch up the works going on WSO2 which is a really cool experience for a fresh graduate since I have whole a lot of thing to be learn by myself.

I'm suppose to work with one of the major product called WSO2 Registry which is a registry implementation for SOA platform which help to make a complex unmanagable system more structured and managable. This is not a product which is very specific for SOA management but we can use to manage our resource generally. I will be writing more technical blogs in future about Registry work and my technical experience I'm getting during my time at WSO2.

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