Thursday, July 31, 2008

QPID_CLI 0.2 Released

Major changes

1.You can use list command without specifying object type using -o option by giving object type at the beginning.

  • ex: queue list - This is equal to list -o queue.
  • exchange list - This is equal to list -o exchange

2. Added following options for list command.

  • -n --name Allow user to specify object name type.
  • -v --virtualhost Allow user to specify virtualhost type.
  • -output Allow user to specify output format (csv)
  • -separator Separator for the output formatter

3. Change the way list command display information.

  • Now list command display limited number of information in a tabular format which is very clear.
  • If user want to see all the attributes of particular object user have to use info command.

4.Added a new command to CLI called ** info **

  • This command is very similar to list command and supports almost all the arguments which works with list command.
  • Only difference is this command display all the attributes of particular object type in a different format.

5.Added command completion for users convenience now you can use TAB key to complete the command and object type.

6.Added capability of running a command in one shot which is very useful when you want to run particular command in qpid-cli using a
shell script.

  • Ex: <$QPID_CLI/bin/qpid-cli queue list > - This command list all the queue objects and exit from the CLI so you can use these when you use shell scripts.
  • Usage of one shot mode : you can use grep awk like commands with normal qpid-cli commands with one shot mode like this.
$QPID_CLI/bin/qpid-cli queue list | grep ping

You can download it from here

Project Homepage

I warmly welcome your early feedback on this implementation.

Thanks for your interest in Apache Qpid and Qpid CLI.

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