Tuesday, July 15, 2008

QPID_CLI 0.1 Released

I have released Apache Qpid CLI it's first release with version 0.1.This is basically a management console which works with almost all the releases of Apache Qpid with JMX support and allow users to monitor useful information via the console.This works only for Linux based systems.

Key features

  1. This management console is released for the first time and at the moment it allows users to list number of MBean information which registered inside the qpid Java broker.
  1. This only supports only for the following command since this is the first release.
List appropriate information of the give object
  • list
For more informations
  • list --help
Disconnect the management console with Java broker
and come back to normal command prompt
  • exit

You can download it from here

Project Homepage

I warmly welcome your early feedback on this implementation.

Thanks for your interest in Apache Qpid and Qpid CLI.

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Rajith Attapattu said...

Congrats and keep up the good work