Saturday, January 7, 2012

Its been six months since I started working in the US

Before writing anything about my life in US I should thank all the people who helped me to get this opportunity to work at Indiana University. I am sure I will always keep the fact that I got here with the help of bunch of awesome people back in Sri Lanka. I quit working at WSO2 in 2011 June and joined Indiana University to work in a Research Group as a Software Engineer. I think like my new job and its been six months I have been working in this Job. After I got here I couldn't write a single blog and I still don't know why I lost my motivation to write a technical blogs, but I hope I will write more technical blogs in future.

If I explain bit more about my job, I mainly working in a small research group which mainly focus on developing infrastructure for Scientist who are using Super Computers for their researches. I learned initial concepts of science gateways and currently I am working in an Apache project called Airavata. I hope to write few more blogs about Airavata in coming few weeks.

The town I am living, is one of the most peaceful places I have seen ... there's very less traffic less people less noise.. and very less people in busses compare to Sri Lanka. I simply like this environment.. Last few months I was only doing my job and next important thing I have done was going to gym which I am happy about. But I still believe that I need to go back to my country where I belong and live there with my family and friends. I just wanted to explain the good things I have seen here :) I've spent a very slow and peaceful life compare to how I was living in Sri Lanka, but sometimes I feel like thats not the best way to live the life. One main challenge I had after coming here is doing my things by myself. When was an undergrad I could't learn how to live by myself, I used to bring up the cloths every weekend and my parents used to wash them for me.. But here I had to cook my food, wash my cloths (its not hard as my mother or father washing them by hand) and clean my room etc. I learned how to cook Sri Lankan food and my cooking is getting better and I was able to manage live by myself which I am proud of. I practically understood how hard my moms life during last 20-25 years and thanks mom of raising me up to this level so that I can do my stuff by myself.

In General I believe I am doing great at this point and I have to get the maximum use of my time I am spending in United States. I am thankful to everyone who helped me to get here and helped me during my stay in Bloomington. I hope to write more useful blogs than writing about my life !!!


Anonymous said...

would like to hear more about your life over there. keep blogging!

Kaushalya said...

I didn't know that you moved to US. Good Luck!
Keep blogging :-)

Brianna said...

Lahiru! Can I try some of your Sri Lankan cooking? Maybe at our Wisconsin/Sri Lanka dinner :)

lahiru said...

Hey Bri .. I was thinking the same .. Lets to something, let me know when you two get free time !

Unknown said...

nice to hear how you are doing over there. just imagine where the tides of life and winds of time had landed us, each day we reach a different shore.

Blue Lotus said...

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