Friday, March 4, 2011

A Great mahindian sets down

Even though I thought of writing a blog post about Monath ayya who left us few days back I am not in a good position to have creative ideas, I have been thinking about him hundred times last few days. For me accepting he left us is really painful. I am sorry that I couldn't make it to Monath ayyas funeral because I am out of the country but no matter where we are you are always at the bottom of our hearts.

I remember the way we played cricket in Sangamitta ground, the way we went to school together long time back and the time I met you during last Mahinda Night in April you were still Monath ayya .... the humble simple man. From the school days Monath ayya was a genius who were there in our school and he was a model which we always used to talk as a senior student. He was the active guy and he was the actor and he was the best English Literature expert and He was the College western band Leader. There was a math class we all used to go (Mrs Gange) and I still remember he used to be given gifts from the teacher for getting 100 marks for the exams.
During the time we had the war we were very strong as Mahindians because we all knew that you are a hero in Air Force, we never needed any one else. We were proud about you when we heard that you were the best flying officer, we were proud about you when we see your name in the paper and we were proud to see your pictures with Kafirs but finally we were not lucky to be with you. You are always our pride Monath ayya...
Simply it was like my brother is fighting in the war and I believe it's same for any mahindian. We are always greatful to you the job you have done for sake all of us. You stayed little time with us and did amazing thing for us and you left us. Still I cannot imaging that I won't be able to see you or talk to you again... though this is quit painful I am personally trying to accept the fact that we lost you ... We all love you Monath ayya ... you are the unforgettable Mahindian in our time. We all proud of you... I am sorry again that I couldn't pay my respect to you but I will make sure I will do my job for you according to our religion....

Rest in Peace Monath ayya .... You are a great Mahindian ... you are a great Hero .... You are a great Sri Lankan you are the Humble good man we always call Monath ayya ...our pride !