Monday, May 31, 2010

Configuring WSO2 ESB with Apache Qpid Java broker

Even though there are articles written on how to configure Synapse and Axis2 with Apache Qpid, with the latest releases of WSO2 ESB, those instructions are not valid anymore, so I am thinking of giving a small instructions on how to do those changes accordingly with latest ESB releases. WSO2 ESB is running on top of WSO2 Carbon framework which provides core capabilities of security,clustering logging facilities on top of OSGi environment. So obviously WSO2 ESB is running on top of OSGi environment. This concept cause some of the configurations we have to do with Qpid due to conflicting packaging of Apache Qpid artifacts. If we want to use apache Qpid as a client we need to pick few jar from Qpid distribution and copy them to CARBON_HOME/repository/components/lib directory.But two of those artifacts(qpid-commons and mina-core jars) they are using the same packaging structure calleds org.apche.mina.filter so this is become an issue in OSGi environment during the class loading time. So instead of those two artifacts please use the merged artifacts I have hosted her and use this article to do the rest of the configurations to configure WSO2 ESB with Apache Qpid.
If you have any issue with Qpid configuration don't hesitate to post to


Channa Dewamitta said...

Great work Lahiru, nice to see our Mahindians doing something of the sort. Why dont you open up a tech blog on The Mahindians Site as well or better yet if you can post a wigget of this blog on your home page.

lahiru said...

Sure will do that, I would love to do whatever i can do and help back to my school.