Sunday, January 31, 2010

First week at New place with the Family

We moved from Galle to Colombo last week and all of the family member are staying at the new place now. We have been living in Galle for years and later due to my fathers health situation we decided to move the Colombo. We rented a house near Nugegoda and relocated from Galle and I thought of writing a blog post on what I'm feeling during the first week of new place.

First I should thank Loku mama, Anoma Nanda, Yamuna Aunty and Micheal Uncle for helping us to get here and I would say that this place is awesome ... and I never expected to be a place like this. House is great and garden is pretty nice, good looking and good one to relax in the evening. My mom was working hard to unpack all the stuff and now we are almost done with the hard job.. I have been eating from cafes for more than four years during my stay at the University and last few months after I start working but now things are much better that I can have food from my mom .. :)
I felt bit boring during first couple of days because when I go out, I don't know anybody in that area nobody waves to me no one laughs and totally different feeling from what I used to have in Galle but I think I will get used to this life and important thing I'm concentrating is that i can always get to my parents within half an hour or may be within an hours from my work place.. that is what I lost last couple of years. Even though we have certain thing to be solved we are pretty good at the new place and thanks all of the relations and friends and neighbors who helped us to make things in to this stage.


Yamuna said...

Welldone and congratulations on your move. We could not be any happier sharing a part of it to make this important move a success. Hope this will be a major stepping stone in your life and generally on the whole family and may your father will have a speedy recovery. All the Best !!
Aunty Yamuna & Uncle Michael.

Isuru Prashasthi Wimalasundera said...

Congratulations and All the best Lahiru aiyya ....Just like Yamuna punchi say its definitely gonna be a turning point in your life, in good way of course. Really Sorry I couldn't visit you at your new residence yet. Anyway ROCK the new life We all really Happy about You and Your family........ once again all da best and ROCK