Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Selected for Google Summer of Code 2008

I had a dream of doing a Google summer of code since the day I heard about that. Due to the great time I spent at WSO2 I was able to learn how to communicate in open source world and It really helped me to make my dream success. I was able to get a project in Apache incubator which is Apache Qpid.
Apache Qpid is a multiple language implementation of AMQP( Advanced Message Queuing Protocol). In my project I have to develop a command line interface which is capable of extracting JMX information from Qpid. Since Qpid already have a JMX interface to manage those JMX information I just have to develop the JMX connectors which runs in the shell. The important things in this project is the development of command line interface since most of the people used to ssh in to remote machine and work on that particular machine then running xwindows on remote machine is a pain. So the best option is to use a CLI for monitoring things.

Hope to write some more about my Gsoc project in future. May be about JMX and Java stuff...

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