Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hi folks,

My professional Life

I'm Lahiru,I'm an undergraduate in a state University in Sri Lanka (University of moratuwa) and major in computer science and Engineering.Now working in WSO2 as a trainee Software Engineer.
Professionally i like to be a good software Engineer but as usual my desires get change time to time.Sometimes i feel i'm crazy guy when i change my mind time to time.As an example sometimes i feel that i should do Post Graduates by going abroad and sometimes i feel stop all these technical stuff and switch in to some non technical job and another time i feel that i should leave out all these things and go to a monastery and be a monk.....Thats' how i am...Who knows what sought of a person will i be..In my professional life i have few people whom i like to imitate those are Dr Sanjiva Weerawarna, Samisa Abeysinghe, Dinesh Premalal and Vajira Ginneliya.

Professionally I'm an open source person and really really impressed by Ubuntu 7.10 release.I'm using emacs as IDE and be careful if you start on using emacs you'll be really addict to it.You'll never use vim,vi or even cat commands if you start on using emacs....

If i speaks about my current desires i wanna work very well at WSO2 and be an Apache committer. At wso2 i'm working mainly with Apache Axis2c which is a soap engine which runs as a Web Services Project in Apache Software Foundation.
At WSO2 we are developing Web Services Framework on top of Axis2c.We have a main product called WSFC which is totally written in C and it contains all the WS-Specifications like

WS-Relieble Messaging

Using WSFC they develop several other scripting framework which can run on top of WSFC.WSF/PHP WSF/Perl WSF/Ruby are the basic products.At the beginning of 2008 WSO2 going to release Apache Axis2c 1.2 and WSFC 1.2.

My family life
That's a quick and simple discription of me if i start from the very beginning I was born in a small lovely town(Galle) in Sri Lanka.My mother is Janaki Chandrika Wimalasundara and my father is Ginnaliya Gammathige Gunathilake.I'm happy to say that i'm the second of a family with four brothers.My elder bro is Tharindu Gunathilake who's also an undergraduate in right now and my third bro already did Advanced level and his only ambition is to be a doctor youngest one is still schooling.That's about our small family.
My father doesn't have a proper job since he used to switch from one job to another time to time then we have some economical problems in our family.He's a diabetic patient since 1984 and he has addicted to smoking.Hopefully now he's gradually stopping those bad habits.I hope we all can spend some happy time after few years..But who knows what'll happen...!
In my life my mom plays a gigantic role as usual for all other people, if there's a success in my life mom was there for me in all those achievements.Her only ambition is to make her four sons good citizens in the country.I think she is already achieved her targets...But still more to go...Still we doesn't have a house to live and now we are living in a small wooden house which was build at the back of my grandma's house with the assist of my mom's brother.I never ever forget that tiny house since that is the place which gave me all the success that's the place where i lived when i was studying for Advanced Level.

My Personal life

I started my education life from one of the best school in my country.My school was Mahinda college which is situated on top of a small mountain.When i was in primary my only interest was to play play play....We guys used to go to near play ground and start on playing cricket whenever we get permission from my mom.
I spend my school time in same manner until i come to grade 10.During those years I played Basket Ball and Base Ball and i was the captain of out school Basket Ball team and Base Ball team.

But all of a sudden i felt that i should stop all these playing and start on studying hard and make my mom happy.There were two people who affect me to get that decesion those are Vajira Ayya and Galba(my school friend).Big thank for those two guys...!Otherwise i would be a different person.Then once i started work in grade 10 was able to be the first in first time then onwards i was able to improve my studies until i finish my lovely school time.Here i have to mention some of my school friends Galba,Akhila,Pasan,Jangi,nisal,Azees,Bandu,sanda,mola,harsha,soori,peshan,ashan,...and there are lot more...
I had a cousin who was a extremely unique student during his A/L time then i wanted to be a guy like him..i wanted to get the meddle given by school for the best physics student then that dream lived with me until i finish A/L.I'm so happy to say that i was able to achieve my target by getting the best A/L results out of my classmates in 2004.
During my Advanced Level time i had some other desires as well..There was a girl who came to most of classes i went i felt to make her my girlfriend...But that was in vain and i never forget that since it's one of the place where i was fail to achieve my target..
Then i entered university of Moratuwa and started on working hard since i wanna select for Computer Science and Engineering.Hopefully i was able to select for computer science and i'm very happy at our department...
I have a person whom i like to use as a model to follow.. he's one of my mom's cousin Ajith Welihinda ..Most Humble person i've ever seen in my life...


Lasith said...

Hi lahiru, I'm very glad to see your blog. As we were friends from the very beginning of the university, I saw how did you improved your self from a very lower level. Now you are a part of the open source community. Well done machan and keep going.

(machan I added the comment just as you told me. Let me know if every thing is ok)

Unknown said...

Read your blog,seems like that youve given a summary or rather a retrospect of life!!!
I may add some of points to your blog,but i thought of leaving them out as it would be embarrasing to you.

this guy is an awsome fellow with a strong determination,true that he succeded in getting over with every hurdle in his life except for that girl thingy.
so Im really looking forward in reading more blogs from you.
yours friend and cousin

Duma..... said...

Hi Lahiru,

I was searching some symlinc (apache symbolinks) related posts in the internet and I suddenly saw your blog. man your are a amazing guy. I was ready your blog and I can't believe it. man you have good strength to achieve your targets. I honestly happy about you because you never lie about your self. most of the people doesn't have that quality.

Best Regards,
Duminda Karunaratne

Unknown said...

Hey Lahiru,

My mind is also working the same way as yours these days. How strange it is. isn't it? By the way your blog is quite interesting. Keep up the good work.:)